My name is Karen and I live in Tahoe, California. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with four months to live. I have used and continue to use conventional medical treatment through this whole process.

I started working with Kaya a year ago. At that time, I had Mets to the brain and liver and had also been in an auto accident that left me in the ICU for 4 days. I met with Kaya for a frequency upgrade and experienced a remarkable and quick recovery. As I body scanned my breasts, liver, and brain I heard my spirit voice say, “Gone!”

Three weeks later my doctor informed me I was in complete remission. When Kaya got on the phone with me, I experienced a warm loving presence and Kaya instilled an immediate confidence that said, “Hey we’ve got this.” Kaya guided me through the things I needed to change about myself. It was so freeing to not be everybody’s sounding board or to use my empathic abilities to absorb everyone’s negative energies. I also felt an incredible expansiveness and at the same time comfortable within in myself. It was and continues to be a beautiful time in my life. I have cleaned up my space and it feels so good.

I have gone on to join two of Kaya’s Round Table Groups. They are both 8 weeks in duration and are a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth. Kaya’s classes are amazing. In our 1st Round Table we began by connecting with the Divine Feminine which helped clear out old frequencies of low self-worth and outdated perceptions.

Kaya’s quieted meditations are amazing. Our intermediate Round Table is moving quite fast, and my own abilities to connect and help others is coming in. I find working with frequencies is a very creative, beautiful space.

Kaya, I want to thank you for the work that you do. You are kind and loving, and I learn from being in your presence how to be me.

I find working with frequencies is a very creative, beautiful space.
I started working with her one year ago and I can confidently say that my life today is unrecognizable.
Kaya Usher walks through life with the purest of frequencies without an ego guiding her.
Working with Kaya has helped me regain part of my spirit that I felt I had lost.
She will make you feel as if you are being caressed by the light of the divine as she opens new doors to the unimaginable.
Working with Kaya Usher has moved me (almost) beyond words. There is nothing that I can compare it to.
I begin to see everything more clearly, quite instantly. She inspires me to look closely and to seek clarity of insight.
I am also experiencing 'the Blessing' with a significant rise in my own frequency.
What happened was the most amazing energetic healing I have ever experienced. And I’ve been experiencing them for over twenty-years.
I want to let you know how my life has changed at age 91, since I had my first frequency upgrade with Kaya Usher.

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