Kaya is exceptional. She vibrates with a powerful frequency that sets her apart from others. I have known her for over 30 years, and she has always pushed through boundaries and knocked down walls. Kaya inspires those around her to live life to the max, with joy, with play, with daring, love, passion, and adventure.

Kaya always claimed that she was not born with the ‘shy’ gene, which is definitely true, but what is most remarkable is that Kaya was born without an ounce of fear. She is not afraid of anything and it is this fearlessness that allows her to ‘go’ beyond the known, to access very powerful transformative frequencies, and to focus them into an extraordinary healing practice.

Kaya ‘goes’ far and works fast. It’s like she can cut through density and shift or alter things so that transformation can take place. A couple of years ago she worked with my elderly father, who was in a flustered, emotionally burdened state. She guided him into a state of calm openness where he was able to release his own anxiety and come into an elevated, joyful state that is lasting.

Kaya has always taken me with her, to these states of joyful abandon, and to states of living where I gain perspective and can see what life looks like when we are all true to self.

If I were to put my experiences of sharing friendship and time and space with Kaya into words, I would say that when we spend time together, I begin to see everything more clearly, quite instantly. She inspires me to look closely and to seek clarity of insight and action, whether I’m observing people, things, energies, life, death, existence, time, space, the world within me or all that is around me. I am able to experience myself and my relation to it all.

I find working with frequencies is a very creative, beautiful space.
I started working with her one year ago and I can confidently say that my life today is unrecognizable.
Kaya Usher walks through life with the purest of frequencies without an ego guiding her.
Working with Kaya has helped me regain part of my spirit that I felt I had lost.
She will make you feel as if you are being caressed by the light of the divine as she opens new doors to the unimaginable.
Working with Kaya Usher has moved me (almost) beyond words. There is nothing that I can compare it to.
I begin to see everything more clearly, quite instantly. She inspires me to look closely and to seek clarity of insight.
I am also experiencing 'the Blessing' with a significant rise in my own frequency.
What happened was the most amazing energetic healing I have ever experienced. And I’ve been experiencing them for over twenty-years.
I want to let you know how my life has changed at age 91, since I had my first frequency upgrade with Kaya Usher.

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