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I Work with Frequencies. I Can Help You Shift Your Life.

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My Story

I was born in Montreal, Canada, remembering that I was Spirit having a human experience, or what I like to term, a godling. I had intuitive gifts as a child but no one to talk to about them. So I kept these gifts to myself until much later in life. In my 20's I got married and had four beautiful children. We were a family of artists: music, poetry, dance and art filled our home. We lived purposefully "full on", and because I am sensitive to the needs of others, in time I burned out.

This led to a crossroads in my early 40's when I got sick. During life-saving surgery, after I had bled out because of a previous procedure, I had a Near Death Experience. This completely shifted my perspective on everything. Shortly afterwards, I would lose my husband to brain cancer. These things brought me to my knees and through a Dark Night of the Soul that lasted over a year, I finally surrendered to my life's mission: to help others shift their lives.

My gifts began to flow. People were drawn to me. I explored many modalities and teachers, but deep down I yearned to teach what I knew to be true - but how? On a long drive through a mountainous wilderness in Upstate New York. I asked aloud: how do I teach this?

Then and there, on that highway, I received a body of knowledge called The Simplicity Platform. This would become a set of 8 Tenets that when practiced activates us back to our unlimited, infinite nature. Where we lack nothing, and are no longer knocked about by the world. Instead, we become masterful co-creators of our own lives, powerful and authentically connected to others.

I teach this transformative technology through courses, books, meditations, frequency sessions and high-frequency sound gardens through an online community, which is free to join. The Simplicity Platform has shifted my life and the lives of countless others profoundly. I know it will shift yours too.

How Frequency Technology Works

We live in a Frequency soup. They're in us and all around us: all energy at its base is frequency. Low frequencies leave us feeling yuck. High frequencies leave us feeling good. You've actually experienced a frequency boost many times before.

You've felt them at the ocean or when you've hiked through a forest. You've experienced them in other ways too, in the company of a good friend, listening to beautiful music, or even just playing with your dog.

These experiences carry high-frequencies, good vibes, and leave us feeling refreshed, calmer and happier. Recent brain-heart studies show that this is because high-frequencies bring us into brain-heart-body coherence, which boosts the immune system and leaves us feeling relaxed and energized. But most of us find it a challenge to stay coherent. Modern life invariably pulls us back into stressful, scattered and often chaotic situations.

The good news is that the human body is capable of generating and maintaining its own high-frequencies. Kaya Usher teaches people how to do this through a series of simple steps she calls the 8 Tenets. Read about them in Kaya Usher's foundational book: The Simplicity Platform, Harness the Power of Frequencies to Shift Your Life. Available on Amazon here.

Listen to this deep dive into Frequency Technology:

The 8 Tenets

The 8 Tenets are action steps that boost and sustain our frequency flow. With repetition the 8 Tenets nicely fold into a comfortable practice. The takeaways are less anxiety, (more inner peace) less bad habits and addictions, (better health) less dysfunctional relationships (more meaningful connections) and more focus, (abundance).

The 8 Tenets are:

  1. Clean Up Our Space (purge anything that isn't authentically us)
  2. Ride the Truth Wave (no more people pleasing or changing who we are to fit in)
  3. Come Home to Our Most Brilliant Self (we choose ourselves)
  4. Usher in an Unimaginable Peace (peace is an inside job)
  5. Live Free To Be (the path to self-realization is ours alone)
  6. Sustain Your Frequencies (we have a personal practice that keeps us coherent)
  7. Live Inside The Simplicity Platform (our spirit is comfortable in its human skin)
  8. Embody the Lightness of Being (we open the door for God to know us)

Kaya Usher runs a live course about the 8 Tenets throughout the year called IMMERSION. Sign up for her next course here.

I wrote one thing down that you said, Kaya, which really stuck out and it seemed like a good kind of caption ... you said, “The miracle is becoming present without programs,” and I think that says it all right there.
It’s so transformational and I can’t put enough value on this work... You’ve given us such great tools ... to make myself operate more smoothly, and to joyfully move through my day.
I just want to say to anyone that’s reading this or has just gone through the eight weeks and thinking about this work and trying to decide for yourself, this has become a family, this space, and everyone on here has become such a supportive and loving family.
This space is such a breath of fresh air. It’s a remarkable feeling, now I actually feel like the breath of fresh air, which is really beautiful for me, that simplicity, that beautiful piece. So I just wanted to say thank you so much. It’s just been beautiful. The simplicity is such a relief.
It really is such an exquisite space… I am my own sunshine, and I really do feel like that and even though lots of experience has come up as I’m releasing programs, I’m always able to bounce back to that space, which that’s just the biggest blessing in the world for me, to not get dragged down like I used to and just to be able to hold my ground is so empowering.
So, it’s my second time through the class and I could never have believed how much simpler it would get, but yet how much deeper I would understand it... I’m just so grateful that Kaya helped me to find myself. I could never have believed that the answer was within and so connected to the earth. It’s been something for the first time in my life.

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