Who I Am

Kaya with her kids, 1998
Toronto, Canada

We all have the ability to reset our lives. I am no different than you. I grew up in a traditional family in Toronto, Canada. I went to University, and fell in Love with my husband at 20 years of age. We got married and had 4 amazing children. His music career took off beyond our wildest dreams and life got very busy and full.

Then about 10 years ago, I started going through an awakening process. A number of extreme life experiences began to knock me down, one after another, including a serious illness. It was then that I was forced to stop and take a long hard look at my life and ask some deep soul-searching questions, like: why are we here, what is our purpose?

The way I once saw myself started to unravel, as I shed all definitions of who I was. I became so present and aware of my eternal self and was able to open up to powerful gifts. I now use these abilities to help you to shed what holds you back in life. This desire to help others find the Truth of their identity burns so strong in me now.

What I Do

Frequency work IS the new frontier of health and wellness because it goes to our very core or sub-quantum level of existence. We each have our own frequency signature. This signature acts like a blueprint or a fingerprint in that it is unique to us

As humans we inherit much more than just the color of our eyes. We inherit spiritual, emotional and physical DNA from our family lineage. Examples of this might be, addictive tendencies, abuse patterns, poor self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

“Together, we remove the distorted, inherited programs, leaving us free to pursue our highest ambitions and greatest desires.”
Kaya Usher

As you can see not all we inherit is beneficial. In fact, most requires removal if we are to operate at our optimal or highest potential. Through sessions or classes together, we remove the distorted, inherited programs, leaving us free to pursue our highest ambitions and greatest desires. We then come into a state of Being I term the Simplicity Platform and we begin to live Free To Be.

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Kaya Usher provides a range of resources to help you understand the process of unfoldment (awakening) as experienced through her Frequency Work.


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