Kaya Usher's The Simplicity Platform – 8 Tenets is a Frequency Technology dedicated to natural augmentation using frequencies, and she is its teacher.

  • Frequency: the rate that you resonate as a vibration in wave form, both localized as an electromagnetic field within the physical realm within Space Time, and nonlocal as a Frequency entity within a Frequency Network, which exists outside of Space Time.
  • Technology: the application of post-scientific* knowledge for organic augmentation and evolution.
    *Post-scientific is yet to be fully understood and quantified by contemporary science.

There are no rules, levels or dogma to learn. It is a system outlined simply in Kaya Usher's two foundational books: The Simplicity Platform - 8 Tenets and The Practice - Student Workbook; and taught as online courses: Immersion and The Waves.

What Are Frequencies?

Frequencies underwrite everything: us, the earth, all living systems.

Nikola Tesla once declared, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The earth resonates at 7.83 hertz, the exact same frequency as alpha waves emitted from the human brain. We can generate the same high frequencies and achieve wellness.

In recent times, Jonathan Schooler of the University of California, Santa Barbara, developed a "resonance theory of consciousness" that suggests that resonance - another word for synchronized vibrations - is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of physical reality more generally.

Kaya Usher's Frequency Technology utilizes naturally occurring frequencies to optimize the human experience. The benefits are proven and many: boosted immune systems, mind-body-heart coherence, a deep inner peace, healthier relationships, and greater material opportunities.

This technology is non-intrusive, natural, quick and highly efficient. Anyone can apply it.

This is an affordable technology, with many free or low-cost tools and "pay what you want" products.

Watch this introductory video.

How it Works

  1. Everything is made of frequencies, including You.
  2. Change Your Frequencies, and Your life will shift.

Your Frequency resonance informs every single aspect of your life. It magnifies and signals everything about you.

Most humans resonate incoherently. This is because we are not taught about frequencies and how our human body works. So we cruise through life in a kind of factory setting default mode and as a result, we feel that "life" is something that happens to us.

We were created to flow with life, to dance with it. A human life is an exquisite opportunity for consciousness to explore and expand through. It is entirely possible to fine tune our frequencies from a default incoherent state into an enhanced coherent state.

The 8 Tenets

If practitioners follow The Simplicity Platform's 8 Tenets as guiding principles they will begin to experience significant shifts in their lives. These shifts are caused by their frequencies as they interact with the 8 Tenets.

For some, it's a profound sense of calm and connection to everything that comes in after years of anxiety and alienation. Other people find a renewed intimacy with a partner or the healing of a troublesome relationship. Some individuals experience an increase in income or greatly enhanced health.

Each person's shift is different, as this Frequency Technology will go where the work is needed.

Kaya Usher is this Frequency Technology's teacher.

A teacher, artist and poet, she grew up in a traditional family in Toronto, Canada. At 20, when Kaya attended University her life's path took a dramatic turn. She met an aspiring young musician called Gord Downie, and fell head over heels in love. Kaya and Gord got married and went on to have four amazing children. Downie's music career took off and life grew full and busy.

Then, in her forties, Kaya experienced a major health challenge resulting in a Near Death Experience. Shortly afterwards she lost her husband to cancer. It was in the depths of grief that she learned about frequencies and how to harness them to shift her life. A gift that she now models out for others.

Find the path that feels right to you

Stay in one category, do it all, or mix and match any content and experiences that speak to your heart. This is a space of sovereignty and freedom.

What others are doing...

I listen to Kaya's album when I'm in the bath every morning as it soothes me and calibrates me for the day as I cleanse the lower frequencies away. I also listen to the Daily Activations and get excited when I make that time for myself! It truly means something to me those 11 minutes!
I do Activations, attend IMMERSION and have Tap-Ins every few weeks.
I check in with myself -- aka come home every morning first thing.
I listen to IMMERSION class replays or Sacred Sundays every night before bed. Also, when I wake up in the morning, I take a few minutes and acknowledge everything I am thankful for.
Morning movement outside, journaling, activations/replays each day, gratitude, reflection, animals, nature, healthy food, loving connections. Anchoring in my body.
I like to say Let me know myself each morning. I also do the 11-minute Daily Activation as an easy way to ensure I stay grounded and centered.

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