Kaya Usher walks through life with the purest of frequencies without an ego guiding her. Just being in Kaya’s presence, physically or connecting remotely, you can feel her pure essence. And the frequencies she emits are tangibly potent and transformative.

My sessions with Kaya have resulted in rapid transformation and clarity.  When I stop to think about it, it feels nothing short of miraculous. My intuitive abilities skyrocketed after just one session with Kaya and I now have a “knowing” that is unshakable. A life-long anxiety was cleared almost instantly, my confidence catapulted and my vision has an HD clarity. An added caveat is the positive effect this shift has had on family members and close friends.

I do not step into this work lightly, trust is paramount. I can say with  confidence, that anyone, of any age can trust Kaya to tap into them with her one-of-a-kind pure frequencies clearing a path to open their unique brilliance.

One of Kaya’s many gifts is defusing the debilitating frequency of fear that can paralyze us from soaring in our strengths. In a short period of time working with Kaya, I have experienced a heightened sense of freedom and joy, a calm knowing and understanding of others, my purpose defined and a love of self. I don’t think it gets better than that.

A heartfelt thank you, Kaya!

I find working with frequencies is a very creative, beautiful space.
I started working with her one year ago and I can confidently say that my life today is unrecognizable.
Kaya Usher walks through life with the purest of frequencies without an ego guiding her.
Working with Kaya has helped me regain part of my spirit that I felt I had lost.
She will make you feel as if you are being caressed by the light of the divine as she opens new doors to the unimaginable.
Working with Kaya Usher has moved me (almost) beyond words. There is nothing that I can compare it to.
I begin to see everything more clearly, quite instantly. She inspires me to look closely and to seek clarity of insight.
I am also experiencing 'the Blessing' with a significant rise in my own frequency.
What happened was the most amazing energetic healing I have ever experienced. And I’ve been experiencing them for over twenty-years.
I want to let you know how my life has changed at age 91, since I had my first frequency upgrade with Kaya Usher.

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