My work with Kaya Usher has been nothing short of miraculous.  I started working with her one year ago and I can confidently say that my life today is unrecognizable.

Kaya helped me to remove all of the filters and programs in my life that were keeping me stuck in a life of pain, low self-worth, victim-hood, and lack.  After a few sessions with Kaya I literally began seeing the world in a different light.  I remember at the end of our third session I looked up at a tree and I was brought to tears by the clarity and the beauty of it.  I had looked at that tree hundreds of times before and yet I had never truly seen it. 

This could have been said for everything in my life.  It was like a thick haze had been removed and I was finally seeing the world as it was meant to be seen.  The days following that session I saw everything through the eyes of a child.  I saw the beauty, the excitement, and was in awe of the world around me.  I was hooked.  I didn’t know or understand what I was getting into but I knew that what Kaya had shown me was only the tip of a very deep iceberg.

Fast forward to today and I don’t even recognize that person from one year ago.  I truly feel like I have been given a second chance at life.  Through working with Kaya and doing a lot of very deep soul searching I have transformed my world into a world of inner peace, clarity, and unconditional love. 

I am grounded, I am clear, I have a deep love for myself, and most importantly I trust my spirit.  I know who I am and I uncover more every single day. Kaya showed me how to stand in my power.  She offered me a space of non-judgement, unconditional love, strength, grace, and humour while she showed me how to come home to myself.  Thanks to Kaya I am now on a successful path of unconditional love and self discovery.  I am forever grateful!

I find working with frequencies is a very creative, beautiful space.
I started working with her one year ago and I can confidently say that my life today is unrecognizable.
Kaya Usher walks through life with the purest of frequencies without an ego guiding her.
Working with Kaya has helped me regain part of my spirit that I felt I had lost.
She will make you feel as if you are being caressed by the light of the divine as she opens new doors to the unimaginable.
Working with Kaya Usher has moved me (almost) beyond words. There is nothing that I can compare it to.
I begin to see everything more clearly, quite instantly. She inspires me to look closely and to seek clarity of insight.
I am also experiencing 'the Blessing' with a significant rise in my own frequency.
What happened was the most amazing energetic healing I have ever experienced. And I’ve been experiencing them for over twenty-years.
I want to let you know how my life has changed at age 91, since I had my first frequency upgrade with Kaya Usher.

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