Kaya Usher’s Frequency Work helps us to return to balance. When we are in resonance, wellness is our natural state. This gentle yet thorough activation is intended to thoroughly cleanse all of our bodily systems. This activation is perfect for anyone who has not been feeling their best.


“The last few years working with Kaya has been life-changing. Most recently she has been helping support me through my experience with Covid. After catching Covid I felt as though I was in a dark cloud. I was struggling emotionally and feeling really heavy. I reached out to Kaya and she was there to support me right away. As soon as our session started I felt a shift. All if the heavy emotions, brain fog, and anxiety I was experiencing lifted immediately. I even had more energy. I’m so grateful to have had Kayas support through this experience.”
– Tess

“I have been working with Kaya for over a year now. My most recent tap in session was very powerful: After becoming sick with Covid, I explained to Kaya that I felt as though there was “black sludge” inside and all around me and that it felt like I could not get rid of that feeling – even after all of my symptoms were gone. Following our session I felt immediate relief! During all of the sessions that I have done with Kaya, I have always felt so safe, supported and I have always experienced a very noticeable positive shift in the days following. My experience working with Kaya has been beyond uplifting and truly life-changing.”
– Lynn

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Kaya Usher operates a no refund policy. All bookings at point of purchase are final. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kaya Usher operates a no reschedule policy. All bookings at point of purchase are final. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Deep Virus Cleanse

by Kaya Usher Unlimited Inc.
2020 (c) All Rights Reserved
Length: Activation: 23:42 min

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