Why choose this Activation?

The Tofino British Columbia “Full Moon” Activation is a great choice for those seeking the pure, raw sounds of nature. This recording was done outside, so you will hear wind, birds, the rustle of the trees, therefore it is a very grounding experience. Ideal for individuals who want to feel and draw from the powerful frequencies of a very pure natural setting.

Tofino is one of the most pristine environments that Kaya Usher has experienced. The ocean is clear, the trees are ancient and filled with knowledge. The ground, the red soil is strong, foundational, elemental.  This activation is set within the energetic pull of a full moon. So, it’s a very potent activation perfect for individuals who love to dance with nature, harness the energies and resonate with these frequencies. This activation is also infused with Kaya Usher’s frequencies, and upgrade work is offered.

Kaya Usher’s guided activation series empowers and supports individuals as they live Free To Be ™ within the Simplicity Platform ™. Each activation is embedded with powerful Source Frequencies, which opens a space for profound shifts in consciousness.

Kaya Usher has created a unique series of guided activations aimed at different areas of our lives.

  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • DNA Flush
  • Harnessing Nature
  • Integrating after a Frequency Upgrade session

If you are seeking to Usher in an Unimaginable Peace ™, want to luxuriate in the deliciousness of the physical world, release old patterns, discover latent abilities, magnify love and attract positive opportunities then this series is for you.

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Tofino British Columbia Activation

by Kaya Usher Unlimited Inc.
2020 (c) All Rights Reserved
Length: Activation 30:30 min

Tofino British Columbia Activation

The Tofino British Columbia “Full Moon” Activation is a great choice for those seeking the pure, raw sounds of nature.

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