• Master the 8 Tenets (a 12-weeks course)

    This course utilizes the 8 Tenets while leveraging the Waves three protocols: Emergence, Osmosis and Transfiguration. Buy Now
  • The Divine Feminine + The Divine Masculine

    Join Kaya Usher on a deep dive into what it truly means to embody the Divine Masculine. Buy Now
  • Immersion: 8-Week Foundation Into Frequency Technology (Pre-recorded Course)

    Kaya Usher’s Foundation Course, a body of knowledge regarding the 8 Tenets, Frequencies and how they relate to You. Buy Now
  • The Waves, an Advanced Frequency Course

    An advanced exploration of Kaya Usher’s Frequency Technology. A course where we learn to experience our own unique frequencies, understand the magnification process and the technology of amplified, stable expansion. Learn More
  • The True Manifestation Course

    Join Kaya Usher for this transformative course where she will offer you insight into what is true manifestation and how you achieve it. Buy Now

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