The Simplicity Platform

Harness the Power of Frequencies to Shift Your Life

In her groundbreaking book, Kaya Usher explains the 8 Tenets of the life-changing Frequency Technology called The Simplicity Platform.

Learn the simple method for using frequencies to let go of all that isn’t you, and start living your life as your most Brilliant Self.

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“This book will shift you. It will change how you feel and how you live, just as it’s done for the hundreds of people who have explored this powerful material. It’s an honour to guide you to the place you’ve been searching for. Where you will let go of all that isn’t you, and come to know your most Brilliant Self.”

— Kaya Usher, Author of The Simplicity Platform

How can you harness the power of frequencies to break free from the past, achieve your goals, and change your life? It’s all in this book.

Frequencies are the ‘Causal Agent’ of everything we experience in our physical world.

This book shows you how to connect with and amplify that cause substance and use it to call into your life what you want. Here’s what awaits you inside the pages of The Simplicity Platform:

  • Why we carry around so many limiting programs that prevent us from living in freedom, joy and success.
  • What to do about the circumstances or conditions in your life that you don’t like.
  • How to finally understand the unseen forces that are causing every situation you encounter.
  • How to tap into and harness the unseen substance that are the cause of everything in the material world. This force goes by many names… Universal Intelligence, Spirit, Prana, The Field, The Matrix, Life Force Energy, and God.
  • How to work with the infinite “frequencies” that can’t be seen with the eye but can be scientifically detected and measured.
  • The 8-step process behind The Simplicity Platform, which shows you how to interact with these root-cause frequencies, so that you can take a more active role in influencing how they create your personal physical reality.
  • Stories and testimonials from people just like you who have used this body of Frequency Technology to turn their lives around.

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The Practice – Student Workbook

The Practice – Student Workbook, is a companion book that supports Kaya Usher’s foundational work:  The Simplicity Platform – 8 Tenets.

The two books work together to form a Personal Immersion experience. We highly recommend that all students develop their own Personal Immersion which is a study of the 8 Tenets in cycles.

The Practice – Student Workbook, is designed to help students develop and maintain a strong frequency practice while gently supporting them class to class and beyond. Each of the 8 Tenets are expanded upon in great detail here with sections devoted to introspection, inner work and creative exercises.


  • In-depth analysis per Tenet
  • Frequency Dashboard for tracking expansion
  • Tools and exercises for personal inventory
  • Blank pages for doodling, free-hand
  • Lined pages for note-taking, epiphanies and milestones
  • Questions and thought-provoking topics towards each chapter’s end

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Free to Be 365

Daily application of Kaya Usher’s Frequency Technology

What we seek finds us. This is a spiritual law. It is how magnetism works. Find in the pages of this book a gentle, yet powerful daily rhythm. Follow its subtle bends and go deeper into your frequency practice. Free To Be – 365 is a Frequency Technology that can be applied to every day of your life as it unfolds in 12-month cycles. 

It has been lovingly crafted to inspire daily connection to Source, to yourself, to all things. Use it as you feel impelled. It makes a good travel companion, a beautiful morning read and a comforting bedtime tuck in. It will run to its own course in your hands. 

What Others Are Experiencing:

“Kaya’s healing is both subtle and powerful. I can honestly say that 15 minutes with her can change your life. Her ability to fine tune and raise your vibration is extraordinary. I have never experienced healing or vibrational shifts on the level I have with Kaya. She is a gift and I feel so grateful and blessed to have found her.” C.P 

“Something clicked for me over the weekend, in a thunderclap. I am not the long list of things that, all my life, I seem to have thought, felt, and believed myself to be. I see this now, the wind ready and waiting to confirm it. As well as some hummingbirds hovering close by, holding space for the Truth inside the hum of their wings too. I did not know this before. It was buried, I had forgotten. My senses are with it in everything, and I am here; dropping deeper, integrating the remembering. Now I see how, it is as if to have arrived where I started, Home, yet know the place for the first time.” – L.M F

The Practice – Journal

This book chose you. Your frequencies pulled it. Within The Practice – Journal’s pages is an uncharted wilderness: Your Brilliant Self. Discover unknown areas longing for change. Uncover resources of inner strength and luminosity. Map your pathway. Chart each track, valley and mountain. This Is the deepest love of all.

The Practice – Journal has been especially and lovingly crafted to inspire deep reflection, celebration and free expression. You will find words of comfort, practical guide stones and tools designed to enable you to expand with stability. There is no end to our journey. For it is the journey that brings meaning and delight to our hearts.

The Practice – Journal contains the following elements to stimulate introspection:

  1. An inspirational quote by Kaya Usher
  2. A Tenet
  3. A Junction
  4. A Free Zone to doodle, sketch
  5. A Check In
  6. An Exercise or Question
  7. A Space to write
  8. Support

Other People’s Experiences

Working with Kaya Usher has moved me (almost) beyond words. There is nothing that I can compare it to.
J. B.
Kaya has shown me to hold my space and frequencies, be gentle with myself, value myself, take risks with a confident and calm approach.
A. F.

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